Monday, February 15, 2016

Poverty doesn't follow Castes

Poverty doesn't follow Castes.

It is true for India that most of the poor belong to the depressed classes of SCs and STs. But there are poor people amongst other castes too. Life without livelihood is tough for everyone. Poverty doesn't follow caste.

Depressed had unrest against the Brahmins because they wrote the code of inequality by birth. Who will say No, if they have slaves by birth? In fact, others used the codes more to suppressed the millions for centuries.

Even today, in a village, few kms away from the metropolitan city, the master running a school may not object, but a shepherd may threaten him for allowing maid from depressed class, moving in the master's kitchen. An MLA can represent his people in the Legislative Assembly, but can't complete his mannat of a deity at shepherd's place. Brahmins wrote the code but society in general misused it for centuries. 

Brahmins were the R&D Department, the scientists of India for centuries. We may considered Albert Einstein's brain, the best brain of the world, but centuries ago India had many such brains. Those brains were Brahmins. Their words were words of God, "Brahm Vakya". The value of their life was the highest as the Brahmhatya (killing Brahmana) was considered the unforgivable sin.

With their observations of nature through unification with the universal power, the Brahman; they had discovered many secrets of life. They were accurate in their calculations of astronomy without support of telescopes and computers. Their memory power was so strong that their knowledge travelled through verbal communications without books and note books for generations. And to memorize the text easily, they had invented the most poetic language of the world, the Samskrit.

Brahmins tried to hold the Hindu Society in Order through the code of conduct/constitution (intellectual power) and used the sword (kshatriya) (temporal power) to implement it. Their Ayurveda increased the longevity of human. Their Hygienic practice for better health made them modak (laddu) eater with better digestion power, but became a curse of untouchability and poverty of millions. It has divided the society into unequal groups by birth.  

But overall, Brahmins, though attached to the power for centuries, lived life of "Simple Living, High Thinking". The guest month may water hearing Chandra Chakori, Chandra Kala and Balabal in food in a Nagar Brahmin House. But these are simply Puri, roti and a mouth freshener made of mango seed, respectively! They are mostly vegetarian except the Maithil Brahmins and Kashmiri Pandits.

They have tried to remain cultured and didn't surrender the dignity of life. They have distributed knowledge, the grace of Maha Sarasvati, but didn't greed for the wealth, the Maha Lakshmi. They did develop rituals for earning livelihood, but didn't grab the wealth of society like the greedy. Tactfully, they continued their association with power as Chief Advisors, the Gurus. They were the spiritual guide of the people to propagate a life of good virtues. 

Brahmins are the privilege class. Like Parasi Priests, the Brahmin Priests are recognized by birth. But all Brahmins are not priests. Brahman means who possess the mysterious magical force of Brahman, but all Brahmins don't possess that force. They are identified with their professional rituals. Five Gaurs of North and 5 Gaurs of South were, further divided into hundreds of subdivisions across the country. 

Post independence, they have diversified themselves in many fields of jobs, businesses and professions. They were many in political power post independence, but now diminishing as people vote castes.

"I will not tie Rakhi to anyone in my life", a brahmin boy took a pledge in his teenage. His father used to tie rakhi (sacred thread) to 'yajman' families and receive 4 anna (25 paise) for tying 16 rakhis. Dressed up in a striped cotton payjama and a khamish, and a choti on head, he had moved to the city for higher education. He stood second in the select list of the PSC, and became a Class-1 officer. He had excelled in his professional career, promoted into IAS and retired as a Secretary to the Government. His journey from Poverty to Prosperity is a guidebook for all living in poverty.

There are many such examples in all varnas and castes in India. The Parasis and Sindhis started from the scratch, have prosper in life through exemplary devotion to work/karma.

Poverty is not in birth, not in Varna, not in caste, but it is in absence of earning opportunities. Education, Reservation, Industrialisation and urbanization have opened the doors of development for the poor.

But there is poverty of ideas, knowledge and employable skills. Some weak minds prefer alcohol to energy, become poor mentally and physically. A wise man will think to become a trader of Diamond but a poor man will think of selling Onions. Due to poverty of seed money and ideas, their brains haven't learn the tricks to make money out of public money as entrepreneurs. They live poor and generate poor. We may close down the sick units but not the poor factories.

Governments may taxed the earners and implement programmes for improving their quality of life, but Poor also have to follow the strict code of conduct of disciplined life, if they wish to walk on the path of prosperity. The person climbing the hill needs more fitness. When somebody is in need of bravery, he/she can't commit suicide.

I don't hesitate in saying, follow the Brahmins to fertilize Brains for improving productivity of brains, the blessings of Goddess Maha Sarasvati. It is an act of creativity, the role of Brahma. The performers are Brahmanas.  

And follow the Baniyas in making money, the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. It is an act of rearing, the role of Vishnu. The performers are Vaishyas. 

If Maha Sarrasvati and Maha Lakshmi are acquired, then why the need of Maha Kali to protect or to take revenge? The Police and Army are there to perform the role of Maha Kali, the act of Shiva, the Kshatriyas.

If all are prosperous, and no greed for more, peace can prevail in the Society easily.

Eradicate poverty through thoughts, skills and virtues. Thereafter, nobody will say, "Poverty is a State of Mind"!

15 February 2016


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