Sunday, February 28, 2016

High temperature females

High temperature Females

The way Tiger is the Apex of the food chain cycle on land, Crocodile, the large aquatic reptile is the Apex of the food chain cycle of water. It has cerebral cortex and four chambered heart like human.

Crocodile's jaws carry great power while closing. But do you know, once the closed mouth is tied up with a simple tap, crocodile can't open the jaws. It is his weakness. It has rough and hard body cover on top but smooth skin on the bellies, easy to cut.

Like sea turtles, in absence of sex chromosomes, sex of crocodile is determined by temperature. Most hatchling are female if the temperature is under 30° Celsius. At 31°C, the offsprings are both sexes, above 31°C gives males but when female crocodiles are born at 32°C+ temperature, they are called the High Temperature Females!

Wonder of Nature.

Bhagvatpur (Sundarban)
27 February 2016

NB: AIS officers may get Apex Scale but not the Apex of power in administration chain!!!

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