Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Inflation of Dosa

Inflation of Dosa

Why does the humble Dosa — the South Indian dish loved by all — continues to cost high when RBI is claiming a victory over inflation? Governor Raghuram Rajan blames lack of technology upgrades from its traditional ‘Tawa’ preparation and high wages of the person making it!

He propagates technology improvement to lower the cost of labour, to lower the price of the product to reduce inflation.

It reminds me my days of Chairing Khadi & Village Industries Board. The Gandhian institutes were raising demands for rebate on sale of khadi but oppose to raise rates of workers to spin thread and weave khadi. The spinning and weaving rates were not revised for 2 decades.

Our eyes see the labour cost the first. If we promote technology in all fields, then where will the common men go for his/her earning. Technology and machines serve/produce more with less labourers, reduce employment opportunities. The human resource of the country hasn't reach to the level where all the youths of the country will acquire advance skills and get employment. There is not enough capital for technology advancements. The common mass, huge in number is still very much dependent on traditional unorganized jobs/works. Where will they go? 

The white colors are earning more and the traditional workers are earning less. The white color carry more awareness of their health and hygiene spend more on education, skilling and comforts. The workers living in unhealthy environment spend more on health expenditure and habits. 

If the RBI governor takes away the hand feel touch of the worker from the tava of the dosa to curb the inflation, will it not increase the economic disparities further amongst the society?

What do you prefer? 

Dosa driven by technology or Dosa driven by hand? 

Do you prefer to taste the Dosa the same made out of machine, or to enjoy the varieties of the taste, touch and feel of the human in each bite?

Equity or Inflation?

India is a country of poor where millions of it's people don't have $1.90/head/day in pocket to spend and eat the necessary calories prescribed by the technology.

Let the money rotate through the kitchens of millions than to die in the NPA of the banks. Let many hands make dosa, earn more and live healthy life.

Touch feel taste of India.

17 February 2016


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