Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in Love". Albert Einstein

Father Valentine, a Roman Priest fell in love and became love martyred. His love letter of 14 February, became an inspiring event for all the Laveriyas in the world, wishing Valentine's Day to their Valentines every year. It is a day for romance and devotion. The letters had been replaced by the Greeting Cards and now the electronically socialized world floods with SMS, email and Whatsapp messages.

Vasant Panchami proclaims the arrival of Spring, the mating season of the Nature. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Mohini moves with the nectar of creation, keeping the creatures busy in their illusive world of sweet love. Fagun is nearby, all set to welcome joyful events, the dance of Nature in colours. Birds sing, Flowers bloom, and the creatures swim in the stream of love. Kamdevs and Ratis are getting active for the season of love, the pretty ring time.

It is said that humans had only one estrus cycle in a year during the Spring. Therefore, marriages were performed on Vasant Panchami. Now humans are in heat 24x7. Cherry Blossoms.

Do you know, who wrote the first love letter in India? 


She was engaged with Shishupal but she was in love with Lord Krishna. She wrote the first love letter to Krishna, expressed her immense love to Him and invited him to marry/kidnap her. Krishna couldn't disobey the Love Command and Rukmani from Maharastra became Bahu of Dwarika of Gujarat! Radha may claim the first position for Krishna too.

Spring is a season of Romance. The nerves electrify, follicles charge and testosterone goes up, making the creatures in mast stage of singing, dancing and loving. Some may go in platonic stage of mind. The colourful nature sing and dance around. Males in the nature, decorate themselves to attract females and the females, love the madness of these males. The 5th kosha, the Anandmay Sharira is in search of opposite current electron to complete the cycle of the electricity.

Don't get excited and plan to kidnap your Rukmani, IPC is very strict these days. You may land up in the list of martyred. Better to enjoy the soft green taste of wheat grains. Or, may enjoy the reunion dinner like the Chinese do on their New Year (lunar) day, the onset of spring, around this fortnight.

Happy Valentine's Day. 

Indians may say: Happy Krishna/Rukmani/Radha's Day.

Females can say, "Be my Krishna"

And males in dilemma may use options of, "Be my Rukmani" and/or "Be my Radha"! Radhe Radhe!!! 

Anyone can catch your eye, but someone special only catch your heart. Be Romantic but not the hopeless romantic! Lol.

14 February 2016

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