Friday, February 12, 2016

Time dilation of living world

Time dilation of living world

Clock ticking away the seconds, and each click indicating the shortening of one's life a bit.

There are trillions of minds on earth and may be centillions in the Universe. Each mind is an "observer", has time clock built inside. It is the governor of time. It may dilate or compress the time. The clock neither clicking the same for all minds all the time nor clicking the same for each individual. The events, environment make the clock slower or faster. Time dilates or compresses and accordingly the creatures are ageing differently. 

Late Shri Vinay Sharma expressed his feelings about time in his farewell speech that his IAS career moved from 3 phases (10 Y each) of time cycle: first 10 Y slower, the second 10Y faster and the last 10Y the fastest. The first 10 years of field posting were looking very long but the last 10 Y went like a blink of an eye.

Isn't it the same for all?  

When we were student, the life was looking very long. The boring lectures were long and interesting one were short. 5 minutes waiting for a loved one was like 50 minutes and 50 minutes meeting with him/her was like 5 minutes. The speed of time caught up as we grew older. Each individual's clock may have different time speed depending upon the events and environment they are passing through. (Clocks run slower in deeper gravitational wells. This is called gravitational time dilation. -General Relativity principle of Einstein).

My parents couldn't forget their unhappy and painful 10 years, even after a relatively happy life of 40 years thereafter. Their bodies aged double to their age. 

The happiness period of life passes faster therefore its clock ticks less but the unhappiness period looks stationary, therefore, its clock ticks more. Time is not the same for all observers. The motion of life is not the same for all. 

Number of pleasant or unpleasant events make the clock faster or slower. In happiness (Sukha), time clock runs faster therefore body ages slower. The unhappiness (Dukha) time has more gravity to hurt deep inside, make the clicks slower. People do forget happy events-time but not the unhappy events-time. Relatively Dukha clock ticks slower than the Sukha clock. The same time interval, the duration is longer for unhappy moments, and shorter for the happy moments. 

The living world is living in time dilation. Each mind carry a clock, that moves at different speed depending upon the happiness and unhappiness state of mind. 

Our Mind sets the Time Clock.

May be the minds of AIS officers are in deeper gravitational wells, runs the clock slower, ageing slowly! Time dilate.

12 February 2016


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