Friday, February 19, 2016

Rahu transit in Leo

Rahu transit in Leo

After 18 months journey in Zodiac sign Virgo the house of Mercury, Rahu has moved to sign Leo, the house of Sun, on 30 January 2016. It will stay in Leo till 17 August 2017. 

Rahu is not a physical planet but the imaginary points, that carry magnetic effects over the environment and people over earth. Some may consider them the earth magnetic points of South Pole and North Pole.

You know the story of Smudhra Manthan, how the nectar was taken away from the demons' hand and distributed amongst the Devas by Lord Vishnu in Mohini form. But smart Danava Rahu understood the game plan, change his appearance as Deva and sip a nectar from Mohini. Sun and Moon identified him and before the nectar crosses the throat Rahu was beheaded with Sudarshana Chakra by Lord Vishnu. But due to the sip of nectar, the head Rahu became immortal. The rest of the body is known as Ketu. Both the two dark points (eclipse) obstruct the path of Devas, particularly, the Sun and the Moon, who had identified him. 

Sun is the Soul and Moon is the Mind, therefore, Rahu Ketu effects create disturbances in the life that disturbs the Mind and give unhappiness to the Soul. If one keeps the malefic effect of the Rahu (darkness) away from the lighting objects (Soul-Sun, Mind-Moon), the nectar of life is him/her only.

Sun is symbolised for the Kings and people in power, therefore, Rahu Ketu moves affect the events of political world. And that will be more during these 18 months, because Rahu is moving through Leo, the House of Sun/Power.

Jupiter is moving in Leo at present. It will move to Virgo on 11 August 2016. Jupiter is Jiva and the Rahu (darkness) transit over it in Leo, will create an environment of pains for many Jivas. It's a Chandal Dosha, the wealth of many will be drained. The Sansex has already shown the effect on 7 February 2016. Some more falls will be seen before Rahu crosses the degree of Jupiter in Leo. Thereafter, the fall of Kings will start. Some people in power will lose power and open the way for the new comers.

Rahu is identified for Backwards and Muslims, therefore, their issues may create heat in the political environment. It will puzzle many in power. Their votes will decide the power in elections.

Individually, some people may have gain and some may have loss of wealth and power during these 18 months depending upon the position of planets in Janma Lagna and the Gochar movement of the planets. Some will have heart burn and those had heart burn for last 18 months get relieved.

To know more details, you have to consult a Jyotishi! You know him well. Lol.

19 February 2016

NB: Astrology is a subject of scientific study.


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