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Is Sanskrit, the Mother of all Indian Languages?

Is Sanskrit, the Mother of Indian Languages? 

Sanskrit such a refined and scientific language developed in India that the Nation can feel proud for it for centuries. The literatures generated in Sanskrit are lighting our path on humanity. Linguistics times the literatures of 3-7 century. Buddha and Mahavir were of 6th century BC. And their literatures are in Pali and Prakrit. As literacy was restricted to Brahmins and King's families, except academic Gurukuls, most Indians were using local languages for their communications. 

And something refined, the best, can't born the first. It is more likely that Sanskrit has been developed through continuous research and development from the falk languages spoken by the Brahmins, the Devas. It is therefore, not the Mother but the Best Outcome of Indian Languages of that time. This may be the logical answer but yogic path has a different answer. I shall share it in another article.

Currently, Computer programming languages i.e., c, c++, java, etc., are translated into assembly language and further translated into binary code (voltage 0, 1) that is understood by computer hardware. There is a possibility of direct translation of Sanskrit based developed language into binary code. Its grammar can be easily translated to a form understandable by a computer. Other languages have limitation to express different emotions with different words but Sanskrit can. It helps in capturing correct meaning behind the usage of a specific word. That helps the computer world to increase the speed of automation, language translation and making the computer to think like human in future.Thus it is the potential language for developing Artificial Intelligence in Computer. But the IT hub of the world, India hasn't focused much on teaching of the most scientific language of the land.

If Sanskrit has strength to develop artificial intelligence in a machine (computer), think of its power to develop human intelligence. Brahmins were intelligent because they have developed and used Sanskrit. 

It is now a dream to see large population in India to understand Sanskrit. Those who study also don’t understand. They simply translate some words and sentences from Sanskit to their mother language. The number games of power, social inequality and economic interests of individuals have spoiled the chances of its elegant growth in India.

What we miss is to canvass the importance of Sanskrit. We believe that education is useful to earn our livelihood. As a result, the students and parents are chasing score cards. The merit list idea to get specific school/branch has compelled them to do tuitions and mug for many days and nights. The burden has been increasing year after year and finally the students think of dropping something from the load. The soft target is the Sanskrit that offers limited earning opportunities.  

Like Yoga, the western world has started appreciation of Sanskrit but at home the new generation is not responding. If IT world accept the use of Sanskrit for programming and some youth start working for that, the glory of the language may return once again. Let Sanskrit be the language of all.

7 February 2016


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