Saturday, May 28, 2016

Who is responsible for his untimely death?

Who is responsible for his untimely death?

He was passing through the same road for last 1 year. His job was very simple, just to make tea for the CA company staff for two times in a day: at  10.30 am and 3.30 pm. His salary was ₹5000/month. After 15 years job in a Ashoka Textiles mill, when the mill closed down, he retired  with a service money of Rs. 5 lakh, that he had kept as FD in the bank. His father left a house for him in a chawl where he was living with his wife and widow mother. His three brothers were taking care of them periodically. The couple didn't bless with the children. His nephew kid was filling the gap of their emptiness. Except, the child part, they were living a simple life of Ahmedabad city with small income in the house where his father started his life as a textile mill worker in 1942. 

The distance between his house and the office was approximately 5-6 kms, which he used to commute by a bicycle everyday. But after attending the simantonayan Sanskar of his eldest brother's daughter in law last month, he was upset mentally, now people presume. He didn't share his feelings with anyone but at 46 years age, suddenly the emptiness of life without children started disturbing his mind. Just 15 days ago, he made it sure that his bank account and other papers carry the name of his wife.

On Sunday 22nd May 2016, the couple went to their native village to attend a Path Pooja and on return, his wife went to his mayaka village nearby to meet her parents. He came back home with other brothers on Monday morning. His mother went to the house of the eldest son due to the heatwave. In the evening, he attended a funeral of an old man, died in the chawl. He spent half the night of Monday at their place. After a small nap of the night, on Tuesday (24th) morning, he took his bicycle, and as usual to his daily routine, happily meeting the people of the line, left for the office timely. His office day starts at 10 amand the destination was just across the road (ashram road) away, he was passing through the lakkadiya pull (Eliss Bridge) at 9.45 am. Suddenly he applied break on the bicycle, kept it aside and jumped into the water of  Sabarmati from the corner where the wire fencing was not done. AMC has done wire fencing to both the sides of the bridge but the agency has left out some part, that he was watching for many days. He used the space and filled up the emptiness of his life with the water of Narmada-Sabarmati. People saw him jumping into the water, but couldn't save. He went into the water alive but returned dead. His story of 46 years, living in urban slums ended just with a wild thought of suicide and with an act of few seconds. His wife become widow, widow without income. She has a small shelter in a chawl in Rajpur, but her colour of the life has gone forever. God knows, he has been insured for the Pradhan Mantri Jivan Jyoti Yojana.

There are many Kanti, who just born and disappeared in the Ocean of the Cosmic Universe leaving behind the poor families. Whom to blame? The society? To him? Or to the Contractor and Supervisors who left a small room in the fence that allowed the execution of his decision in few seconds?

Life is full of uncertainty. RIP Kanti.

28 May 2016


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