Monday, May 23, 2016

Sweepers of Japan

Sweepers of Japan

It has surprised me that a lady was cleaning the toilets and urinals of male at Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan. She was wearing gloves and cleaning each part of the urinal very carefully by hands. She was cleaning the toilets too. In each unit she was giving nearly 5-10 minutes to clean it properly. People have established a very high standards of work culture and devotion to their duties, that present Japan as one of the most cleanest countries of the world.

At home, our public places are like the hell on the earth. However, the airports and other elite public places, the things have been improved but that is a small act against the huge task of making the nation clean.

Religion has made us unequal by birth and the job of cleanliness has been assigned to the lowest caste of the society. The utility and hygiene standards of Indians are very poor. Dirty people we are leaving more work behind for the cleaners/sweepers. Individually we take bath regularly. In water crisis time some guys in Rajkot don't forget to take bath thrice in a day. We maintain our personal hygiene standards high but our community hygiene is very poor, rightly judge by the PM Mr. Modi.

Cities are unclean because we don't have wall to wall cover/carpet over the roads and footpaths. Our footpaths are mostly encroached upon by the shopkeepers and the footpath venders. I wonder from the childhood looking at the sweepers sweeping on the roads. They are moving the same dust/sand for years from the centre to the side of the roads. The vehicle move them on road and the sweepers next day pull them back again to the sides of the road. The lowest caste people working for centuries are tired of their work. Due to dirts, they somehow manage to clean the public toilets and try to run away from the place as soon as possible. As a result the cleaning is substandard everywhere. They neither give up their jobs nor allow others to enter when in comes to the organised sector of jobs in municipalities. After Gandhi's emphasis on cleanliness, people in cities and villages are cleaning their toilets themselves. The higher castes working abroad in house keeping jobs are sweeping toilets of the motels regularly. It is now a high time to address the issue of quality of sweeping and cleaning at the public places. Wherever the outsourced agencies are working on contract, the quality of cleaning proved better.

We hardly keep enough number of dustbins at public places and the lazy people we are, through the waste anywhere around we sit. We pray God in temples but our temples are in the list of unclean public places of the country.

"Don't run away, pick up your waste first", a primary school teacher was telling very loudly to her pupils(6-7 Y) in the Osaka Castle campus in Japan. And the human flowers wearing yellow caps were following the command of their teacher rightly and respectfully.

All are working with smiling face here. Individually all carry mobile with Internet connection. Anything you ask they will search on mobile and answer, even the question of their age itself! Their simplicity make them obedient and sincere to their duties. Our over smartness and efforts for making others' lines shorter, make us mean, non sincere and carefree to our work performance. We are in need of a big U turn in our work culture and public behaviour.

We shall begin with the new generation present in the anganwadis and primary schools. We shall be careful while utilising the public places and leave them as clean as we wish to see them when utilise again. Slowly slowly we shall reach to the goal of "Clean India" by 2050! And by fast track, we shall do it in two decades, provided all tune together.

"Clean India is my Dream India"

Sky of Japan
20 May 2016


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