Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mistress of Jivanlal (Jivanlal ki Godadi)

Mattress of Jivanlal (Jivanlal ki Godadi)

They were 18, living together in a joint family; parents, family of three brothers and a sister. After a very long association, all three brothers decided to part ways. The household goods were divided into three parts. When it comes to the division of mattresses, Jivanlal, the eldest brother played a trick. For last few months he was making new cover over the mattresses. That way he had covered nearly half of the total 49 mattresses. When it comes to the division of mattresses, he took away those 25 saying that they had covered by him, therefore belonged to him. Finally he took away those 25 and one third of the remaining 24. His share 33 and other two brothers left with 8 each.

The story reminds me Jivanlals in public administration. The wealth, properties and infrastructures developed over the years by many putting their all round efforts using available resources, suddenly, the Jivanlals, put a cover and start claiming them as their achievements. Older generations had also work a lot. They have created the base, therefore the present generation is in a position to refine it or make it new by giving a new cover and putting a sticker of their names over them. The mattresses belong to all.

Salute elders. You were great.

3 May 2016


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