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Before Allopathy treatment started, people were curing their diseases with different techniques. Herbs were very popular across the world. Indian Ayurveda system was very popular in India. But simultaneously, the traditional methods were also in practice. In fact, Ayurveda is a summation of the traditional practices prevalent those days. It has mainly concentrated on three doshas: vat, pit and cough. The balance is the health and imbalance is the disease. If there is problem with one dosha, the cure is easy but if there is imbalance of all the three doshas, the treatment is lengthy and complex. As blood is the supply chain of oxygen and glucose to the cell, the quality of blood is important. Whatever we eat or inhale, all goes to the blood, therefore the toxicity of the blood was an issue to be addressed through some treatment methods.

In South India, the suction of blood through hollowed out bull's horn was prevalent to create vacuum and remove the bad blood from the system. Ayurveda has also suggested suction of blood using an insect called "jalo". The females develop health problems after reaching the age of menopause because the system of removal of bad blood stops. The chemical plant of the body, the Liver comes under the attack, therefore many ladies get dark spots on the face too.

In Arabian countries the method of removing bad blood is called Hijama. Hijama means sucking, is the Arabic term for wet cupping, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes. It is a treatment of 30 minutes, that removes the violet coloured blood from the system through the vacuum cups. Some people get instant relief and some after 2-3 sittings. The way donation of blood rejuvenate the blood cells, this technique address the removal of toxicity of blood from the location itself.

It is giving great relief to the patient suffering from psoriasis, migraine, knee and joints pain, muscle stiffness, paralysis, etc, the diseases developed through bad blood and nerves disorders. It gives relaxation and supply better energy to act faster.

I shall try this method on me on 29/5/2016. If some of you are keen to join, please SMS me on 9978406123. A practitioner from Vadodara will come to Gandhinagar.

26 May 2016


  1. Respected sir, kindly give us the practitioner's details if possible.. thanks

  2. The blog is very informative and inspiring us to try this type of therapy, where allopathy has its limitations on curing the diseases by it's roots from the body.


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