Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lapwings and their Chicks

Lapwings and their Chicks

Tintodi (lapwing) is a large wader (35 cm) of India. Their wings and back are light brown with a purple sheen, but head and chest and front part of neck are black. It is known for it's loud alarm. When majority of the birds are resting in their nests, lapwings are seen flying and making noice in nights.

Kavya, Lakshmi and I were on our morning walk in the Lake (without water) Garden (Sec-1) on Jalshakti road (J2-Ch-2) in Gandhinagar. I was walking little ahead of them. Suddenly, I saw a couple of lapwings chattering. I sensed something short and brown moving along with the fence stopped.

Is it a frog? Why are the birds chattering? I called up Lakshmi and Kavya. She checked the little one, and with our surprise, we saw the beautiful chick of the lapwing. With the finger touch, it rose up and walked away. Another near one to it, also rose and walked away. Her parents were making a loud alarm of our coming, therefore, they were settled in silence on the ground corner. As both the chicks were unable to climb up the little fence, Lakshmi under the chatters of their parents, lifted them up and put them in the garden, near to their parents. As soon as the two chicks started walking, the third one emerged from the garden. The mother took the lead of the three and all four went little up to a safer place. And the father sat like a soldier giving them a guard.

Leaving them in happy union, we returned to the garden gate. But Kavya expressed her desire to touch the chicks. Lakshmi returned and took her near to the chicks. But as soon as Lakshmi tried to pick the chicks up, the mother increased her volume of chatter and tried to attack over her. They had to respect the mother. Kavya couldn't touch the chick and both returned to the garden gate with a loud laughter of the morning face.

Bird do have family, feelings, bonding and language. We have realized.

12 May 2016


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