Saturday, May 7, 2016

Chilled Risk

Chilled Risk

Our bodies are made to sustain in hot weather. But our desire of happy life has changed our living style. Life without perspiration is our definition of happy life.

We were taught in school that, "siddhi tene jai vare, je paraseve nahay" (there is no substitute of hard work). But present days teaching is a life of just chillin. New generation prefer a life of AC everywhere; in office, in car and in bed room. When Chinese and Japanese prefer hot water drink with meal, we prefer cold drinks full of sugar with meal. We eat overdose of Sugar, Salt and Oil, oily white poisons.

In Developed countries the sub ways and hotels serve unlimited cold drinks free of cost. When I asked to a student studying in New Zealand about free cold drinks, what did he reply? Uncle, it is no good as it brings diabetes in 15 days. We don't perspire in cold weather, therefore, overdose of sugar make us diabetic. Free drink is giving us free diabetes. "Two free".

Is it not the reason that more and more people in India are coming under the spread of diabetes? The disease known as "Raj Rog" become a "Common Men's disease". Our intake of oil and sugar is more than what our body demands. Therefore, the waste balance become our liability of the life.

Leave the life of chills and enjoy the hot weather of Indian continent. Our perspiration glands will save us from Diabetes. Despite more. Lol.

Save Sugar, Save Life.

7 May 2016


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