Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Heatwave gone

Heatwave gone

Northwesterly winds from deserts of Rajasthan and Pakistan was the reason of the Hearwave in Gujarat and other parts of the country from 10th May to 21st May. 

Now the winds direction changed and become Westerly and South Westerly, coming from the Arabian Sea. It is an indicator of the onset of monsoon season over Gujarat in the third week of June. However, pre monsoon activities will give showers in some parts of the State. Al-Nino is dead now and condition like La-Nina will prevail.

However, Bay of Bengal is yet to start its full fledge activities of building system of rains for Gujarat and other parts. Lord Varun Dev is busy in building clouds that carry rains and Lord Vayu Dev is getting ready with his chariot to transport Varun Dev towards the land of India and its neighbours.

Monsoon has been delayed for a week on Kerala coast, likely to onset on 7/6/16, thereafter over Mumbai by another 5 days and over South Gujarat by 17 June. Gujarat rains are not dependent on the Kerala system, but the Bay, the Ocean and the Sea take a kick start these days to shower rain over the creatures and the land. They will give us water and food, the basic necessity of life to survive.

The digestion system will go down, therefore reduce intake and follow chaturmas upvas to make the system more efficient to build the health bank in Winter. Don't worry, chaturmas will begin after 36 days. Lol.

Welcome rain. Rimzin ke tarane leke.....

30 May 2016


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