Monday, April 25, 2016

Human Liver in Danger

Human Liver in Danger

Liver is a Chemical Plant of our body. It is a vital gland important for detoxification, proteins synthesis, production of bio chemicals for digestion, regulation of glycogen storage, hormone production, Cholesterol synthesis, triglyceride production, rbc decomposition, etc. It plays a major role in carbohydrate, protein, amino acid, and lipid metabolism. It is a store room of glycogen, Vitamins (A, B12, D, K), iron and copper.

It is a wonderful organ made from water (85 %). It is the only organ of the body that can regenerate, is able to replace the tissue with new cells. Provided that the damage is less and generation is more.

Fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis are the major liver diseases found in present generation.

Who damage the liver?

Food, drugs and alcohol damages the liver. Alcoholic invites cirrhosis. Drugs like paracetamol and cancer drugs can damage the liver. 

But when I found one of our teetotaler Additional Collectors facing cirrhosis, my mind puzzled. People living simple and fit life are facing diabetic.   Postmenopausal women become diabetic as their store room (liver) of glycogen doesn't work. They carry high triglycerides. Their compressor like cholesterol maker doesn't stop and go on making cholesterol 24x7, crossing all lipid boundaries and make them vulnerable to heart diseases. The cholesterol turns into gall stones obstructing the ways of bile from liver to intestines creating digestive disorders.

Alcohol and drugs can be understood as damager of liver but how could food damage the liver?

This reminds me the advice of Yudhisthir in Mahabharata to eat vegetables, once in a week only. After independence, and more after TV entered into our life, we propagate more and more use of vegetables so that we receive necessary vitamins and minerals for better health. India of Dal-Roti or Dal-Rice has been transformed into a country of Sabji-Roti and oily food. Non vegetarian food costs more, therefore, people in general eat more vegetables. 

Isn't it good? No and Yes. 

Why no? 

Because farmers are using more and more chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides in cultivating vegetables. We preach non-violence but kill insects in billions to get spotless vegetables. They look good and attractive but carry the chemicals of the drugs used by the farmers. And this is the killer of our liver. 

The answer is Yes if we consume organic vegetables.

Our richness has come to our food by way of oil, butter and ghee. Excessive intake of fat is making the liver tired of secreting bile and getting fatty. 

Better are the Rajasthanis. They eat more rotala and eat vegetables like chatani. My wife was tired cooking rotala for 5 Rajasthani workers, fitting stones at my father's house 2 decades ago. Generally, they cook their food themselves. I thought, they will work more and complete the work speedily if I arranged their food. But they proved me wrong. They delayed their stay as the rotala made by my wife were tasty. 5 persons can easily consume 10 kg flour in 2 days. 

The fiber of the grains and nutrients make them hardworking people of the country. Their bellies are not out and their lungs can allow them to win cross country race. However, they have also entered into the TV era. Sandwiched between Gujarat and Punjab, they are inviting diabetes and heart problems.

Rotala khao mauj manao.

25 April 2016


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