Saturday, April 23, 2016

PM in Nagaland

He (NaMo) connects people and wins their hearts. He did it in Kohima today in an inauguration ceremony of Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, the festival of festivals. People cheered hearing "Teyee Swavive (good morning)", "Besi Bhallase" and "Kukna Lim (thank you)" from the PM.
It takes 10 hrs to reach Nagaland from Kohima but India's PM took more that 10 years to visit this land as after Shri Vajpayee's visit in 2003, Shri Narendra Modi came to this border State today and promised to come again to see what he mentioned become reality.

He congratulated the people on the joyous event and advised to preserve, protect and promote unique cultural heritage of Nagaland; not only the colourful dances and songs but the sturdiness, honesty and simplicity of hard working people of Nagaland.

He advised to promote the biodiversity of the area. Young English speaking population, can be part of 15 outsourcing businesses. He admired equal position of women in the society. Nagaland women battalion deployment in Common Wealth Games in Delhi was a pride event for our nation. The youths can progress well in sports like boxing, archery, football by giving right direction.

He promised to develop NE States as NEZ (Natural Economic Zone). He announced schemes: Isan Uday (special scholarship to 10000 students of NE); Isan Vikas (internship visits to IIT, NIT etc for 2000 Students and 500 teachers of NE during vacation; establishment of Modern Apparel Garments Manufacturing Centre, one each in NE States.

Vajpayeeji promised and  allocated 10% budget on NE development. Present Government has earmarked Rs. 53000 Cr for development of 8 NE States. Rs. 28000 Cr will be spent for 14 new railway line projects. Rail, road and air connectivity is essential for development of tourism of NE. Energy is a life line. Rs. 5000 Cr will be spent on power improvement projects of intra state transmission and distribution projects in 6 NE States. Infrastructures meaning has changed, digital-internet connectivity is essential infrastructure. The Government will provide 2G Internet connectivity to the youth of NE for their development. National Sports University will be established in Manipur. 6 new colleges for Agriculture, one each in NE State for further development of organic agriculture. There is tremendous scope for tourism development, that is untapped. "Seeing is believing". Nagaland's unique cultural  heritage and Hornbill will attract tourists in Nagaland. 

People felt, he is a man of action.



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