Saturday, April 23, 2016

Are we on right path?

Are we on a Right Path?
Antibiotics is one of the major reasons of increasing life expectancy of human resulted into population explosion, keeping everybody on toes to increase economic activities to generate employment to improve quality of life. 

Leaders in the world take away credit of achievements but most of our reach to the success come from innovations and discoveries of scientists and technocrats.
Nature used to control population with a rule of 'fittest survive'. A female has capacity to deliver 750 eggs in a life cycle and a man sperms can generate a new world.  But we have took a choice of 'first come first survive'. We did care for quality of goods and services but for human, whatever comes, we pull out all efforts on their survival.

India and other developing countries may claim for young population but it suggests that they have less number of olds. Developed world holds their olds by spending major part of their budget on health care.
We are walking in opposite directions. On one side saving people with antibiotics and health care and other side worried about population explosion, poverty, unemployment, slums, minimum needs, etc. Those can afford limit their children to 1 or 2 and those who can't afford are delivering many. And then whole world of politicians, bureaucrats, economists, technocrats, and people are on job 24×7 trying to manage the quality of life of people. 

Are we walking the right path?
The death due to swine flue or ebola may be less compare to accidents or heart attacks but sometimes propagandas are used for disposal of medicinal stocks and vaccines. We may argue, spending generates economic activities!
World organisations have carved a path of development with parameters of HDI. IMR, MMR, life expectancy, median education, etc. And profit makers, using advertisements campaign through TV and media made millions of us mad after physical world. The smell of perspiration is being replaced by perfumes and deodorants.

Afterall what we want? Happiness in life and happiness come from the Peace of Mind. And peace of mind comes from better understanding of the nature cycle. However, some basic minimum physical support is necessary to maintain quality of life.

Which is the better way? Follow the code of nature or to fight back and run faster and faster till nature dispose us with total distribution as we have already planted seeds of green house gases and emptied natural resources. We are taking away chances of survival of people of next generations. 

Rural India is behind in HDI. But if you change parameters as per the following and evaluate, what will be it rank?

1. 8 hours deep sound sleep
2. No BP
3. No stress
4. Persons not taking medicines
5. Digestion capacity
6. Walking ability
7. Stamina for physical work
8. People without spectacles (eye numbers)
9. People with inner peace
10. Innocence over face glitter through inner happiness.

The countries with power are threatening others and expanding their territories, the have nots taking a short cut of terrorism, the rich want to become richer, youths want to become more handsome/beautiful, children are loaded with weight of books, all are getting mad.

Vo bachpan, vo jawani, vo budhapa, .... all are losing its natural colour.  Natural live joy coming within have been replaced by artificial world of physical articles.

Do grow but not at the cost of general happiness and peace. Consume but not exploit. Save for the future world.  Spending may increase economic activities and improve quality of life of the living but savings will take care of both.
Let us balance our acts that harmonise with nature.

U turn require. Who will take the lead?

Mussoorie, Ph-5


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