Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sampurnanad, a joy of Musical Evening
Mausam bahar ho, suhane saathi ho aur gane na ho? And when Naveen-Vishvas ki jodi ho, Shamlal ka saath ho, Divya ka aagman ho, aur karaoke aage ho, bus ban gayee baat.

Thursday (20/11) evening in Sampurnanad Hall, LBSNAA Mussoorie, our hearts became young, went into 60s and 70s. Lyrics, Music, Composition, Singing, laajawaab. And Rafi-Kushor-Mukesh "Tarai" "Sitare" left us at young age but their magical voice still thrill us even today with joy and feelings.
Attendance was less but those present were joyous, each one equal to ten.

Devinder Kumar Bhalla, our Coordinator, Fine Arts, started and compared the musical evening with narration of songs with sher-shayari in his soft but romantic voice, the most beautiful eyes of Vahida Rehman...indicating his deep love to Hindi Cinema of those golden old days.

Davidar surprised all of us with his beautiful play on Gitaar and piano melody play on yamaha.
Jagdish Mohanti little nervous without kick, sang well but his narration of IAS journey from Academy to field to Sachivalaya in different songs made us laugh.
And then come the turn of beautiful Divya (OT) and Naveen Prakash (Rafi sahab ki aawaz aur andaj Udit Narayanka) duet from Film Kashmir ki Kali (Rafi-Asha, Music OP Naiyyar) Yeh dekhake dil jhooma, lee pyaar ne angadayee, diwana hua Baadal...They sang so well that all of us were zooming on chair.  Divya sang one more duet with Vishvas Mehta, (Lyricist Anand Bakshi, Music LP, Singer Mukesh-Lata, Film Milan) Sawan ka mahina...pavan kare sor... If one closes eyes and listen, Vishvas's voice resembles Mukesh. Divya listened and prepared both the songs in two days and sang them perfectly. Divya's dream come true singing on a stage of LBSNAA with Vishvas Mehta, who as Health Secretary (Kerala) motivated her to move from a profession of a Doctor to IAS.

Then it was a turn of Shamlal Goyal. A passionate new lover of music, Shamlal carried karaoke to America tour. Fearlessly, he sang Kushor Kumar (Kati Patang)..Ye shaam mastani...madhosh kiye jaay...
Gawai played Shole tune of Jay (Amitaabh) with mouth organ and one more song... hai apana dil to aavara... na jane kisape aayega...on mouth organ. Chhupe rutam nikale Mr. Gawai.

And finally three songs in a raw, two of them (Aaradhana) picturised in Darjeeling where Naveen had chance to serve as DM for 3 years; Naveen and Vishvas went deep into the songs with feels of word and sang seamlessly. Super Star Rajesh Khanna and All time great Amitabh ka jamaana. Lyricist by Anand Bakshi, Music Composed by SD Burman, Voice of Kishor Kumar Mere sapano ki raani kab aaogi tum, ha e rut mastani kab aaogi tum.....Roop tera mastana, pyar mera divana..and at last Film Fare Award winning song, lyricist Sahir Ludhyanvi, Music composed by Khayaam and voice of Mukesh, Film Kabhi Kabhi; kabhi kabhi mere dil mai khayal aata hai... ke jaise tuj ko banaya gaya hai mere liye...

Vishvas and Naveen sang so well that on way to mess, some of us remembering the night of suhag raat.. suhag raat hai..ghunghat ootha raha hoo mai...Our suhag raat was in a village, there was no light, I neither could see the face nor......
Sampurnanad Sampurnanad, a joy of musical evening on Thursday in LBSNAA, Mussoorie.



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