Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vahu Ghelo (Uxorious)

Vahu Ghelo (Uxorious)

After the marriage, a man is called "mavadiyo" if obey mother's commands or is called "vahu ghelo" if he is submissive to wife. Some may be early and some late, but all males become "vahu ghela", and become obedient husband of wife's commands!

After Kevadi of Chotaudepur, we went to Kevadi-Jetpur, an eco tourism site near Mandavi of Surat district in South Gujarat. More than 200 bird species have been identified at the site and some of their voice have been recorded by the ecologists. Their voice is their call signs for matting, assembly, warning, etc. We saw the "vahu ghelo" in birds.

It looks different with it's long, down curved (like a cow horn) and brightly coloured bill. The heavy bill supported by powerful neck with the fused vertebra. It is omnivores feeding of fruits, insects and small animals.

Like humans, generally, it forms monogamous pairs. They use the natural holes or holes made by other birds as their nest. For safety of the eggs, before incubation, the females, assisted by the male begin to close the entrance to the nest cavity with a wall made of mud, droppings and fruit pulp. When the female is ready to lay her eggs, the entrance is just large enough for her to enter the nest, and after she has done so, the remaining opening is also all but sealed shut. There is only one narrow aperture, big enough for the male to transfer food to the mother and eventually the chicks.

During the entire period of the female entry into the nest to her final exit from the nest the husband serve the food and water to the wife and to the chicks. When the chicks and the female are too big to fit in the nest, the mother breaks out and both parents feed the chicks.

People after observing this male, his faithfulness and complete devotion to his wife, feeding her and caring for her 24x7, called him "vahu ghelo".

Did you guess this bird?

It is the beautiful hornbill. We call it "Chilotaro". The grey hornbill is the most common species in India. But Nagaland has the most colourful hornbills.They celebrate "the hornbill festival" the festival of  colourful performances, crafts, sports, food fairs, games and ceremonies, every year.

Have you seen this Vahu ghelo bird? If not, drive down to the forest, see it and compare, how far you are away from him characteristic of "Vahu Ghelo". Lol

19 April 2016

NB: Vahu means Bahu in Hindi


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