Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dal Roti world replaced by Pizza

Dal Roti world replaced by Pizza

People were happy with "Dal Roti Khao, Prabhu kai Gun gao". Gainsh (made of buttee milk and rice) was luxury for them.
New world is a world of micro nutrients and vitamins, searching Vitamin D in "D Rise"!

India is progressing well. Per capita consumption of food grain going down and the food basket has increased with vegetables, fruits and oil as people purchasing power going up.
But organic food, stay in dreams.
All you know, fruits and vegetables in India are grown with the help of pesticides and insecticides. The skin of fruits and vegetables is a natural fibre and many nutrients deposited behind it. But the surface carries pesticides. 

What will you do?

Remove the skin? 

Fiber and vitamin loss? 

Inside material is also grown out of fertilisers.

My Yugandan friend advised me to wash the fruits and vegetables with salt water before eating or cooking to minimise the side effect.

I follow at home. You may.



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