Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jugaad of God

Jugaad of God

Jugaad is a popular colloquial term in North India. People assemble different parts of different objects, make innovative fix and create a new object to serve their utility needs. Jugaad, the creativity, out of box thinking may play a big role in start ups or stand ups where the resources are limited.

I saw a jugaad of God in Junagadh Zoo. An animal that look like a big squirrel, has a tail like a cat and face like a monkey. It has four legs with claw, not the nails. It doesn't get wisdom teeth. 

Can you recognize? 

You can't unless you have seen it.

It is the "marmoset", one of the species of monkeys, the smallest monkey (140 gm, 15 cms) on the earth. The Almighty don't have resources crunch, however looking at the creature mix, I am tempted to call the marmoset, the jugaad of the God. It is not jugaad, but one of the most creative creatures of God.

They are native of South America and identified as 22 new world monkey species of a biological family Callitrichidae.

Come and see it in captivity in one of the best zoos of the world, the 153 years old Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden at Junagadh, Gujarat. There are other animals too: lions, white tiger, cheetah, giant squirrel, deers, birds, reptiles, fishes, etc. The 200 hectares garden will give you a feel moving in natural forest. 

Feel Khushboo Gujarat ki.

12 April 2016


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