Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Smart India

Smart India

To reach out to the people living in villages by the government to resolve their problems through public meetings in the presence of the administration is not new for the bureaucrats of any generation. It may be called Lok Darbar, Lok Samvad, Lok mela, etc, but it's a  strong mean of public audit of administration in the presence of a Minister or the CM.

Sadak (road), Pani (water) and Bijali (electricity) are the common problems. These are the basic needs for the comforts and quality of human life. One who attends these basics, retain the power for longer duration. Even today, these questions lead the list.

Revenue records and their entries are permanent issues of public audit. But computerisation of revenue records and eServices have made the ease of getting the copies of revenue records easily. However, heirship entries and survey settlements issues can't satisfy them all. 

Regularity and attendance of government employees was the question people used to ask always. But British India of No.11 (movement by two legs) has moved from the legs to bicycles and now it is running on two wheelers and four wheelers. The movement of employees have been improved by the vehicle ride on roads. Therefore, complaints of staff not staying in the HQ are reducing. 

Hospitals, CHCs, PHCs network has been increased over the years but the problem of shortage of doctors hasn't been solved fully. With the increase in population, the network of public health is also increasing. Block Medical Officer and Ayurvedic doctors have improved the management comforts of the administration but shortage of MBBS and Specialists is remained a challenge. Governments spend budget in making of doctors but the freshers prefer career development in cities and abroad to serving people in villages.

Villagers in past were illiterate and were mostly dependent on agriculture. They had limited interactions with the village employee visiting them once in a fortnight or a month. They were afraid of the raising voice against the employee whom they face at the village. 

But now, the new generation youths are very vocal and active. Electricity, mobile, motorbike and RTI have made them smarter. People do have complains against the administration but they also create unease to the administration through RTI. New generation youths are politically active and smart in presentation, know the path of administration well. They carry micro information of their problems and can make the officers defensive in public meetings. Mike is liked by all. 

Do you know, what questions the villagers ask these days?

1. The wifi - internet speed is low. Please improve the connectivity.

2. Give specialists to the hospital.

3. Separate the HT LT electricity lines and maintain proper distance between the two lines. Change the old wiring of many joints. Replace the TC in 72 hours. Reduce number of cross junctions of the feeders to avoid interruptions in electricity supply of other non fault feeders. Pay compensation of crop loss if burnt by the electricity lines passing through the farms.

4. Give tap water to all households.

5. Convert all single patti roads into double patti, etc.

Development hunger has changed their priorities. Whatever the government do, their demand list move one step forward. No government can overlook the development agenda. The pull of people has excelled the speed of the administration.

Do you remember the proverb describing the administration of old days:
कलेकटर करे ककडाट, मामलतदार मूँझाय; 
सर्कल बिचारो शुँ करे, तलाटी करे ते थाय।

Now people have an edge over the administration. Electricity, TV, Computer, Mobile and mike have made the people active and the administration responsive.

13 April 2016


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