Friday, April 22, 2016

Why did it pain?

Why did it pain?

He was making a big noice, calling for the help. He fell down on the steps of our house. A dog was about to jump over it from the compound wall. We were inside the house and heard the call for help of a Parrot. 

Lakshmi went out and saw him on ground, losing command of his legs and screaming in fear of death. She lifted him up like a child with love and care, and brought him inside the house. He was in breathlessness status and sounding pitiful. He was shivering. One can see its full tongue coming out of it's curved beak. She put him in a bowl, sprinkle little water and move her hand over his body to calm him down. She offered him water through her palm, from which he drank couple of sips. I went and offered fruits and seeds but he didn't try. His fear was not going away. He was unable to stand on his legs. I told my driver to call the doctor. Meantime, Lakshmi took him to the swing. The slow and rhythmic movement and the sound of the swing hooks calmed him down for a while. He tried to walk on her hand and neck, but returned. She opened his wings and checked. She checked the body but no where found any injury marks. She loved him. I took their photographs. I was afraid of a dog or a cat, therefore told her to keep him inside the house. She took him inside and sat him on a sofa, keeping water, fruits, seeds, around. I was worried and waiting for the doctor to come. The driver rang him up again. He was on the way. Suddenly, he turned down his head, and left the body command. I called Lakshmi immediately, she lifted him up, his body was warm, took him out, checked his eyes but he didn't respond. He came to our life at 9 am and left in two hours at 11 am.  

I lost my Muniya on one Monday in 2008. Lakshmi brought her from the market. I flee one of her companion but she couldn't fly because her wing was broken. In my company, she used to threaten the larger birds when was out of the cage and was walking in the garden. One morning, Lakshmi was not at home. I was guarding her and reading the newspaper. As usual she came out of the cage and was playing around me. I was watching her and reading the headlines of the TOI. But in few seconds, my eyes move from the Muniya to the true lies of the Toi, a cat, suddenly jumped over Muniya and took her away in a fraction of a second. Throwing the paper away, I ran mad after the cat but she jumped the compound wall and went into the compound of my neighbour. Helplessly I was cursing the cat and praying God to save my Muniya. I sent the gardener, but I could get her few feathers in return. 

That day my heart cried. And again we become sad today. I lost my smile of the day. I wished to save him and to free him up in the sky and to look him flying high, but he went away. He called us for help but we couldn't save his life. Our ignorance, doctor's delay and his fear took his life away. A call of help, anxiety to save life, our attachment, hoping for good but ended up in sorrow; within two ours Lakshmi and I travelled a full circle of life to death. It pained. RIP

21 April 2016


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