Friday, April 22, 2016

Queen's Birthday Today 21 April

Queen's Birthday Today (21 April)

UK is celebrating 90th Birthday of its Queen Elisabeth II today. Born on 21/4/1926, the Queen sworn in the throne on 6/2/1952. She is a queen of  16 countries and Head of the Commonwealth. She is the head of the State for last 64 years, one of the the longest tenure in the British history. She was a lucky elder daughter of his father George VI. Her father acceded to the throne on the abdication of his brother Edward VIII in 1936. Edward's love to an US Air hostess made his younger brother the King on UK, and his elder sister Elizabeth II became the Queen of the empire for the longest tenure. Edward VIII wrote a book, "The Heart has its Reasons".

Her Mother who lived healthy upto the age of 102 in spite of hip-replacement. The present Queen went up a tree in an African safari, the news came of her father's death and she came down as Queen--the messenger said, "H.M.the King is dead; long live the Queen". She has broken the record of Queen Elizabeth | and Queen Victoria. She will not be able to break the record of Louis XIV of France.

We wish her a Happy Birthday with good health, happiness and long life. She is the only Queen on earth whom we are watching for decades. Her smiling face and a stylish hat are her unique identities.

21 April 2016


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