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America, a Land of Opportunities

America, a Land of Opportunities
Due to wrong calculation of latitudes and distance to find India through westward sail, on 12 October 1492, Christopher Columbus, son of a weaver, with his flagship 'Santa Maria' discovered America. It was followed by 3 more voyages that opened up doors of western colonisation in the world for Centuries. Columbus sailed for discovering his dream land India but discovered America, the dreamland of the present world. 

USA is a "Land of Opportunities", inhabited by mostly immigrants. A middle class country with per capita income $41000/annum, but only 2% of its 350M population earn $16000/month and above. It is the largest economy of the world. A technology leader, America's vibrant and active population made its a world power for decades. People earn and spend as a result the wheel of development continue spinning. 
They are the biggest consumers. Wheather electricity, water, food, cars, fuel, goods, services; they consume everything excessively. They are world leader in emission of green house gases (GHG), a major reason for Global Warming. That way they create more jobs, more purchase power, more spending, more GDP and keep the country going keeping all Americans happy. They preserve their natural resources and consume others production so that continue to be a leader for longer period. 

It is easy to develop tourist places in USA because people earn and enjoy life. People go to same spots many times. And the spots are full with all facilities whether full season or off season. Motel, bank, post office, food court, groceries, etc available.  
They are great spenders. Whatever earn in a week spend fully. Only the "Deshi" (per capita income of country is $41000 and of deshi $81000) and "Chini" do savings. 

A white may be earning $2500/week but may found borrowing from subordinate on Friday. Casinos or $1000 a bottle of liquor or $1000/hr for a girl can make their pockets empty other than normal expenditure of food, stay, transport and communications. 

Blacks in general are mostly working as subordinates. They are bulky and lazy. Narrate everything in details whatever happened.  Many of them are living BPL. Approximately 35 million people are dependant on Government; getting food coupons, $450/month cash allowance, clothing once in 6 months and free health care and free education for their children.

Mexican (makla) are the agriculture and maid workforce for South American States. Maklas are very simple, hard working and reliable community. 

Chinese are industrious and very active people, work for 12 hrs a day. They are here to build China Towns and make money from USA. Groceries, small articles, souvenirs, bakery, chinese food, vegetable vending, house-hotel keeping, home furnishing, massage, IT professionals, etc, Chinese are actively increasing. 

Gujaratis (deshi) are running Motels and Stores; doctors, pharmacists, engineers and professionals. Many professionals moved to Motel business as it earns money without hassles. Once you appoint a reliable general manager, you are almost free 24×7. An electrical engineer earning $35000/annum moved to liquor selling started making $1.5M/annum. He has big house, liquor shop and partnership in Motel business. BAPS Swaminarayan Organisation united them together to preserve Hindu Culture. Youths, may be modern in main stream but full Indian in Ravi Sabhas.

Punjabis are in transport, gas station, liquor shops, and agriculture businesses. Other Indians are mostly on jobs or professionals. 

There is free education up to Std 12. School environment is friendly to students as well as their parents. Teachers and Principal are the best friends. A day of a primary student starts with nutritional breakfast of milk, cereals, cake and a fruit. Type of fruit and bread change everyday. Lunch is also served as per prescribed manu. There are helpers to see that all children eat food properly. Books and all educational materials have been given free. School starts at 7.30 AM and closes at 1PM. But students can stay in school till 5PM. Tutors are there to improve learning of weak students after school hours. Regular mail from teachers and a phone call from the Principal keep the parents active. Students submit assignments online. The teaching method is students' friendly. Children understand more than simply memorising compare to India. Children of Indian origin understand and speak English fluently from Std. 3. No major role of parents seen in their studies. The tables are taught so well that primary school children do it upto 24. The method of teaching is so good that children remember it easily. 12 table will be prepared upto 12×12; 13 upto 13×13,.....19 upto 19×19... I checked, students remembered the tables accurately. They do homework regularly.  The syllabus is advanced. Students of 4th Std can do square root. Algebra and geometry enters at early standards. It makes the students independent. 

It is a country of "She Economy". All spending, tours, child care, etc, mostly done by women. Men earn but women sign cheques.
On an average, Americans change their spouse and education branch thrice in a life. Children have opportunity to attend marriage of their parents! Step father, step son, step son, step daughter, ... many steps here. However Indian and Chinese people live their own culture and growing. 

There are following ways to enter into Usa to work, earn and grow.

1. Birth
2. Marry a citizen or green card holder
3. Education, Student Visa
4. H-1, work permit
5. $1 million investment in business creating 10 jobs, get green card for the family.
6. Some come on visitor Visa and never return but live under restrictions. Once their children born in USA, their hardships reduce. 

A rental house @ $650/month and new car with monthly installment of $150-250, sets the family on track. One may get minimum wage job/work, $9/hr to start with.

People in general here are eating more and talking a lot. And the Government, do take care of their citizens as well as illegal migrants. People's behaviours are controlled by enforcement of law. No corrupt practices found at lower level of administration. The Government takes timely decisions to maintain pace of development. If need be, inject dollars to industries to make them sustainable and able to hold jobs. Public audit goes on 24×7, make them all active.

USA is a technology king. They invent and hold and use at appreciate time. They preserve their resources and make the best use of other countries resources including intellectual property. South Korea was like India before 1960, but with "American Aids" and its utilisation in building the country, South Korea became Asian Tiger. Pakistan failed in doing same though had opportunities. 

Can't India follow the 'Growth Model' of USA? Need a big 'U turn', where the people, politicians and bureaucracy need to be changed. Millions of jobs and suitable workforce creation are the tasks to be addressed on highest priority along with more spending on education and health. All of us have to work as "Team India" to "Build India" joining "Indian Judiciary" in "Development Umbrella".
Either to supply intellectuals, professionals and services force to America OR build India by using them all following the US model at home. 

Capital create jobs and spending accelerate further investments instead of locked money in "Gold" in India.

Punamchand, '85, Ph-5,
7 November, 2014, LA

NB: The words dholia, kalia, makla, deshi, etc used to narrate local perception of Indian people. No colour bias in mind.


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