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Barley the Best Grain

Barley the Best Grain

Modern age is an age of TV serials. People live life driven by the advertisement. Our food is our petrol. Some prefer Veg some NV. But at the end of the process, whether a potato or a chicken leg, all foods are converted into a life energy. But some foods rejuvenate and some harm. People trying tastes of the tongue are suffering from diabetes the Rajrog, heart problems, stress generated brain problem, liver problem, etc. The life expectancy has been increased but the list of the diseases is also expanding. Therefore, the days have come to consult the dieticians and nutritionists. Some of the hospitals are keeping them in the staff to guide the patients to set their food habits right. One of the TV directors has introdced a nutritionist as a chief character of a serial.

Indian bahus are nutritionists of our kitchen, taking care of the food and taste of the family. But the new generation of working bahus prefer hotel food to home food. Joint families have replaced by the individual families. Therefore, the traditional nutrition knowledge transfer from mother in law to daughter in law for centuries has been stopped.

Barley called Yava or Java is a grain of Rig-Veda. Yava means sharp edged. It implies barley as well as wheat and paddy (dhan) because all the three grains look the same, the sharp edged, when with cover. No allusion of rice in Rigveda. They are food for humans for centuries. Hindus offer them to the Gods in all their rituals. Offerings to Gods is our Prasadas. Due to the taste and easiness in removing the covers, Wheat and Rice became our staple food and Java became the food of the animals. But some wise people knowing well the medicinal value of the Java, continued with their use in daily food. Some Biharis lead the list, who use barley in making sattu. European people converted barley into a intoxicating drink beer through fermentation, the Soma of Europe! Indian Aryans love to Soma separated them from the Iranian Aryans. People in India still follow the process described in hymn 66 of Rigveda mandal 9 while preparing their Soma, the Bhang (marijuana) in festivals. Immortal drinks for mortal humans!

Barley has medicinal value as per Ayurveda. It is cool in nature, stimulate the digestive fire, increase intellect, cures upper respiratory and skin diseases. It is gasious therefore take some churan (harad) if it is added in your diet.

Modern science has identified over 80 nutrients including, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, fiber, copper, Vit B1-B3, chromium, potassium, magnesium, etc, in it.

It is food for the friendly bacteria living in the intestines. The acids created by these bacteria become the fuel of liver and muscles. Antibiotics, while killing enemies, kill our friends (friendly bacteria) too! Those on antibiotics, barley is the best food to rejuvenate friendly bacteria. Its selenium treat colon problems of the intestines.

Its fiber lowers the cholesterol by inhibiting the enzyme involved in production of cholesterol. Its niacin protects us from cardiovascular risks. Whole grain breakfast is the best for CVD. Food fiber reduces the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Fiber rich food lower risk of developing gallstones, mostly the outcome of higher cholesterol.

It's a magnesium is a co-factor for the enzyme involved in insulin secretion. Therefore useful for the diabetic patients.

Fish and whole grains, preferably Barley may be the best food for treating childhood asthma. Bengali and Oriya people may take additional advantage of this by adding whole barley grains with their fish food.

Copper is useful in stimulating the enzyme that give flexibility in blood vessels and joints. A cup of cooked Barley provides 32% of the daily value copper for copper. Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can address the copper deficiency. India has a tradition to give metal pots (bedu) made of copper to their marrying daughters. It was mainly for carrying head load of drinking water from distance but simultaneously for meeting daily copper needs of the family. Water stored in copper vessels supply daily dietary needs of copper to the family. 

The most important is its phosphorus. It plays a big role in the structure of every cell including the neurons. It is said that neurons once damaged can't be regenerated. But barley regenerates the neurons. It repairs the cell membranes and the nerve system. Barley is the only food that has capacity to rejuvenate neurons.

Long list of modern days human diseases. And their answer is in the ancient grains, Barley. A cup of cooked whole grains barley can keep you healthy, happier and best of the brains.

Not Parle ji but Barley ji !!!

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23 April 2016


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