Friday, August 21, 2015

Desires, the reason for Dukham (suffering)

Desires, the reason for Dukham (suffering).

Lord Buddha has cleverly answered the questions. Why Dukha (suffering)? Because of desires. How to end suffering? Leave the desires (cause) following right path (eight fold): right view, right aims, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindedness, right concentration)

Lord Krishna said, attachment is the reason for all your unhappiness. Detach from them and get the freedom.

When Asia is searching the means to free from desires to end their unhappiness, Western world is busy in finding simulators of desires. After male Viagra, now Flibabserin, the female Viagra is in the market to help the women with low libido.

Sex is a power house of the body. It generates electricity that activate the body cells. It brings new life on earth. It is an act of generation. But the way electricity power house go off, this power house also go off with ageing. The journey of Bhoga kills and the journey of Yoga lifts up.

Desires live in mind. And mind may remain young. With young mind, driving an old car, may lead to accidents. Therefore, the right answer is not in Vigra or in Flibabserin, but in understanding the cycle of life. Each organ including the body has age. It has born to die. The life in it is eternal. With the end of desires, and following eightfold path of awareness; life brings peace, happiness and bliss; the character of the existence.

21 August 2015


"The Character of Happy Life"

How happy is he born or taught, 
That serveth not another's will; 
Whose armour is his honest thought, 
And simple truth his highest skill; 

Whose passions not his masters are; 
Whose soul is still prepar'd for death 
Untied unto the world with care 
Of princes' grace or vulgar breath; 

Who envies none whom chance doth raise, 
Or vice; who never understood 
The deepest wounds are given by praise, 
By rule of state, but not of good; 

Who hath his life from rumours freed; 
Whose conscience is his strong retreat; 
Whose state can neither flatterers feed, 
Nor ruins make accusers great; 

Who God doth late and early pray, 
More of his grace than goods to send, 
And entertains the harmless day 
With a well-chosen book or friend. 

This man is free from servile bands 
Of hope to rise or fear to fall; 
Lord of himself, though not of lands; 
And having nothing, yet hath all.

by Sir Henry Wotton.

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