Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chilli the Taste of Asia

Chilli the Taste of Asia

Asian food is incomplete without chilli. Western world may avoid eating spicy food under the fear of ulcers and irritating bowels, but the search of spices opened the door of voyages of unknown lands and made the world a global village.

Some studies found the relationship between the longevity and spicy food.
Apart from imbalanced food; humid weather, dirtiness and health hazards are the major reasons for less longevity of Asian compared to the Western world. 

Ulcers in stomach and intestines are mainly the outcome of degeneration of mucous membranes of the internal walls. The major reasons are amoebiasis, worms and excessive bile flow from the liver. (the anger, bitterness or irritability are the outcome of bile secretion; we the officers carry the most!). Milk is sometimes adding into the problem of over discharging of mucous membrane in stools.

Chilli is known for adding taste in food and providing anti oxidants and Vitamin C. Farmers across the country eat very hot food, full of red chilli pepper, to maintain their fitness for doing farm labour. If they become obese like babus, we have to feed ourselves through imports of food from other countries!

Chilli act as an appetizer. Its capcisin reduces blood pressure, lower cholesterol and control diabetes. Its Vitamin C give good luster to the skin and Vitamin A improves the mucous membrane. It can fight with migraine and give us a deep sound sleep.

It accelerates the metabolism rate therefore control the weight of the body. Except person who has the problems of acidity, hyper-acidity, ulcer and stomach burning; all can enjoy Chilli, the taste of Asia and Africa.

Those can't tolerate the hotness of normal Chilli, can try Capsicum. And those stronger may try "King Chilli" of Nagaland, very very hot and tasty.

8 August 2015

NB: Person with complaints of acidity and migraine may keep watch over the acid formation and convert the acid into base by eating fruits or drinking green/black tea. It will neutralize the reactions. Couple of sips of water at regular intervals is also a good medicine.


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