Thursday, August 20, 2015

Who is Brahaman?

Who is Brahaman? 

All are Shudra by birth. There are 8.4 million yonis, and we the human are one of them. There are 14 lokas (7 upper, 7 below). There are Deva, Gandharva, Yaksha, Kinnar, etc, part of the live existence.  

On earth except human, others are bhog yonis to maintain the eco cycle of the nature. Holi Quran says, Allah has made them for you. 

Do you know the nature has four classes? They are: vegetation, Herbivores, Carnivorous with chief Predators and Scavengers. The grass is a food for herbivores animals, i.e. deers, blue bull, etc. Herbivores is a food for Carnivorous, the wild animals and their chief Predators tigers and lions. Then the Vulture, acts as scavenger, clean the eco system by eating dead animals. Crow, Dog, Hyena are half scavengers.

All these yonis have 1-5 senses. But humans have been gifted with the 6th sense, the sense of knowledge. Knowledge of the Self, knowledge of the Universe, knowledge of the Brahman.

The universe is nothing but Brahman Himself. It is sashvat, akhand, ek ras, nirakar, niradhar, adwait, etc. All exist in it. Without Brahman, nothing can exist. He neither born nor going to die. The jeevas and yonis emerge and submerge into the ocean of Brahman. The Sansara with all creatures moving and acting is not real but the Brahman himself. In separation it is Sansara and in unification, He is the Brahman. 

The 6th sense is the seed of Brahman installed in us. The way we feel ourselves live, similarly if we realise the live existence of the universe around, our journey starts. It is an endless journey, full of peace, joy and bliss. There is no emptiness, full of Brahman Himself. Innocent like a child, one feels surprise with the drama of the Almighty. One becomes a Brahaman (second birth) from a Shudra (birth from yoni). The knower of His Leela. We are waves of the Live Ocean of the Brahman, an atom of the Cosmic man Vishnu.

All are Shudra by birth but become Brahaman with the knowledge of Brahman, the existence.

जन्मना जायते शूद्र, संस्कारात् भवेत द्विज।
वेद पाठात भवेत विप्र, ब्रह्म जानातीति ब्राहण।।

20 August 2015


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