Saturday, August 1, 2015

Spices Leader

Spices Leader

When we say Spices States of India, one will start naming States of South India, i.e., Karnataka, Kerala, TN, AP, etc. The Head Office of the Spices Board of India is in Kerala. And the officers posted on that Chair are mostly from that part of the Country.

But do you know, Gujarat is the Spices Leader of India. It is number 1 in the production of Seed Spices. 73% of the total production of Cumin Seed comes from Gujarat. The productivity of Cumin and Fennel is the highest in the world. 

Gujarat produces 1.25 million MT of spices per annum. The major are (in Lakh MT): Cumin (3.65), Fennel (0.79), Chilli (0.78), Coriander (0.64), Garlic (3.18), Ginger (1.18), Turmeric (0.65), Fenugreek (0.15), Isabgul (0.23), Ajwan (0.08), Suva (0.22)

Cloves, Black Paper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Saffron, may be the taste of rich and the Western World, but the food of Common man and Asians is tasteless without Gujarati Cumin seeds and Coriander. 

Gujarat has spices to heat up, spices to cool down and spices to push out. Lol.

1 August 2015

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