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Do you know about Khusrau Khan?

Do you know about Khusrau Khan?

He was Sultan of Delhi for 4 months.

Alauddin Khilji took over reign of Delhi Sultnat after killing his uncle Jalaludin in 1296. Khushrau Khan was one of the generals of Alauddin. When Kaktiya ruler denied to pay the annual tribute, he was send to win the Kaktiya again. He got him surrender with an increased tribute of 100 elephants and 12000 horses.

Khusrau Khan was very ambitious. It is said that he arranged the killing of Alauddin by his friend Jahiriya. Later in 1320 he managed to kill Alauddin's son, the successor Sultan Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah, ending Khilji Dynasty.

Khusrau Khan became the Sultan of Delhi. But he was a convert Muslim, known as Khushrau Khan Dhedh, couldn't get the support of the generals and other subedars. He was defeated by Ghazi Malik and his son Firoz in a battle of Delhi and he fled away.

Gani coins were released during his short rule from June 1320 to Oct 1320.

Nasiruddin Khusrau Khan Barwari, was the first Dalit Sultan of Delhi.

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