Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dog & Donkey

Dog & Donkey

My father always stood for justice taught us lessons of life through stories. He used to tell us about the people around, self centered and don't see public good when act. Many become witness of injustice like Bhishma and Drona did when Dropadi was molested by Dusashan.

He explained it with a story of a fight between Dog and Donkey. Dog was biting the donkey with its teeth. The skin was cutting and because of resistance from the donkey, the teeth of Dog were also getting damaged. 

Whole village and the people passing through were watching. Some people were enjoying and some were leaving to attend other important work. 

One man asked, why can't we stopped them? Both are damaging each other, losing their capacity and strength. 

Skin of the donkey is cutting and teeth of dog are getting damaged. Why shall we bother? Another replied.

Are we some times not taking a stand like the later and keeping mum over important issues of justice and liberty?

12 August 2015


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