Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why Lions only in Gujarat

Why Lions only in Gujarat?

The Big Cat, King Lion is a pride and a beautiful marvel of Gujarat. Due to its royal nature, power and kingship mind, it has been accepted as the King of Jungle and Royal symbol of power by all the human kings on earth.

But Cunning Tiger is mightier. "Royalty looses against cunningness". Whole of India had lions but entry of Tiger from the East, pushed Lions down to the West and now they are find only in Gir of Gujarat. There are 2226 Tigers in India v/v 532 Lions in Gir of Gujarat.

Till 1973, Lion was our National animal. In April 1973, with the Project, Tiger was made as India's National Animal.Tiger took away the pride space of Lion.

Surprisingly, Lion has adjusted with the vegetarian people of Saurastra. And Tiger though lived for some time with the non vegetarian humans of eastern Gujarat but left losing competition of food with the human! One Cat (lion) living in harmony with humans and another Cat (tiger) is unable to understand the 2 legs animal till date!

During my visit to Babara vidi of Gir, a lady with her two sons (9,11) was passing through. A group of 7 lions were just 100 metres away. I asked the lady, don't you feel afraid of lions? They are just near by. We are from Gir like them, why to afraid? She replied. If they come, what will you do, you have kids; I further asked. No worry Sir, we will look at them and they will look at us, she replied laughingly. This is the interface of humans with lions in Gir of Gujarat.

In past, Lord Krishna was also pushed towards the west by King Jarasangh (group of Olds). And his final destination was Saurastra Gujarat with a capital at Dwarika. 

East and Centre of India is pushing the precious marvels to the West and Gujarat is the final destination for these wonders. They are "Prides of Gujarat."

It is Khushboo Gujarat ki. Kuchh din to gujaro Gujarat mein!!!

9 August 2015

NB: "Cunningness wins Territories but Royalty wins Hearts"


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