Thursday, August 13, 2015

Digestion is the Master Key

Digestion is the master key.

From birth to death, whatever we eat,  the digestion process is converting food molecules into plasma to cell/body to keep us alive. 

But have you noticed that we are a live wire and are in need of fuel of food carrying nutrients required for the body? 

We may fill up car tank with pure petrol and run the car engine nicely for long, but body engine is difficult to maintain as its requirement vary from person to person, from place to place. And therefore nature has built a system inside that store the essential nutrients of needs and consume whenever their is a shortfall. 

It's like a bank. When the natural storage gets over, it start consuming the body parts as per priority to sustain the life for a long. 

Over storage turns some times into a liability making us obese, diabetic and extra filling in the internal walls. And when the digestion system become weak, the withdrawal from the storage and overdrafts make our body organs weak. 

For example, calcium shortage in bloods will be met through calcium of skeleton. If fats are not supplied the liver will generate cholesterol from body required for minimum needs. If over supplied, it gets deposited as plaques. And the system of under supply and over supply make the liver confused, make it working for 24x7 to go on producing cholesterol even if the body is not in need. Otherwise, as per the mechanism, it works like a compressor of a refrigerator with auto stop facility. 

It is therefore very essential to address two things.

1. Keep the digestion system upright everyday, every moment. A piece of 'Harad' early in the morning (nihar munh) is very useful to keep the system clean and effective.

2. Take food as per the need of the body. 

Now we are in the age of machines, where machine can measure our deficiencies. If you hear the voice of the body, it also speaks, provided you have active ears to hear the inner voice.

Please take care.

13 August 2015


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