Thursday, July 30, 2015

Collector and DDO are our coordinates

Collector and DDO are our coordinates.

With very heavy rainfall in North Gujarat, the areas and rivers were flooding. An ST bus carrying 25 passengers was stuck in river Rupen near village Panchasar of Patan district. A person watching the event from the distance communicated to the Government and the most responsive administration of Gujarat started acting fast to save the lives.

Helicopter of Air force was send with the coordinates to lift them up. But when the pilot couldn't find the location with the help of coordinates,  he lifted up the Collector and DDO up to identify the site. And the human brain much superior than the machine, search out the location timely and saved the lives of 25.

When geometry fails, the Collector and DDO are the human coordinates of Gujarat.

Salute to Gujarat Administration.

30 July 2015


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