Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Peacock the King in Jungle

Peacock the King in Jungle

Lion is the King of the Jungle, but there are many princely states within his territory, where, the Peacocks, the Deers, the Monkeys have their Kingdoms. 

Man has copied Lion and named his Seat of Power as "Sinhasana" (throne), the symbol of power and strength. But he has also copied the Chair of Peacock, and made "Mayurasana", the symbol of prosperity.

Small but each Peacock has its own territorial Kingdom (of 50 metres) and a Seat (branch of a tree, stone pillar, etc) to occupy. It does fight with other Peacocks.

To impressed upon the Peahens, it has beautify itself with colours and colourful feathers. And always ready to showcase its masculinity to Peahen by singing and playing "Mayur Dance" with displaying feathers. Peacock dance become a popular folk dance of Asia. 

One Peacock has 3-4 Peahens.  Like Peacock; Deer, Monkey other wilds also have Kingdom, a Chief is Male, and have many females to mate. After all, "King without 'Harem' is no King!"

Sometimes, in over confidence and in masti of attracting the Peahen, the Peacock loses life, unable to open the lock of displayed feathers, can't fly away from the attack of the Leopard. Many times, the Monkey comes to its rescue. One can see a friendship bends amongst Peacocks, Deers and Monkeys in the Jungle saving each other from wild attacks of the wild hunters (lions, leopards, etc). They alert each other by making sounds.

Making noise is the weapon of the weak (True for human too!). And the wilds, though powerful, many a times leave the place in that noise pollution. Badger, though small can push the lion away with the help of its continuous and long, powerful whistle sound!!!

It is not Jungle Raj, but the Raj of many, following the rule, "Survival of the Fittest". 

21 July 2015


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