Monday, July 27, 2015

Croaking of Frogs

Croaking of Frogs

With very good rains over Gandhinagar, the common plots and low lying areas are full of water. And from that water a continuous trrrr...trrrr...trrrr...trrrr....trrrr....trrrr...sound coming continuously 24x7 for last 36 hours and will go on till the water recedes. 

What do they say? Whole year they were in silence and living may be under the holes. But with rains, they broke their "maun vrata" and now making the sound very loudly. May be using the full savings of the year. 

People think that hearing the croaking in the darkness the snakes approach the frogs and swallow them. But nature hasn't given ears to the snakes. It has 4 senses. Humans have 5 senses but in birds, animals and insects, the senses varies. And the power of each sense is different in each creature, mostly as per their needs of food, safety and breeding.

The atmosphere, the moisture, the rains and its musical sound, the cold winds; sufficient enough to vibrate the nerves, generate romance and set the body and mind on fire in search of a companion of opposite sex. 

Femalefrogs desire more but malefrogs to croak for breeding and to warn away other males from their territory. The malefrogs become puffy while croaking, trying to attract the femalefrogs resounding trrrr...trrrr...trrrr.....trrrr.

Do you also feel puffy and wish to do trrrr....trrrr...trrrr...? 

Sharmao yaro. 

Put out the fire by taking sips of hot tea or enjoy bhajiya/pakora with chatani or sauce.

टिप-टिप बरसा पानी - 2 पानी ने आग लगाई।

रिमझिम के तराने लेके आयी बरसात।

27 July 2015


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