Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Have you seen anger of a monkey?

Have you seen anger of a monkey? 

Yesterday, a group of monkeys entered into our compound in the afternoon. Lakshmi slept in the drawing room with kitchen door opened. A big size monkey entered into the kitchen silently, took some fruits and eating leisurely outside at the corner of the door. Our neighbour show it and rang her up. 

When Lakshmi tried to remove the Monkey by a stick, it became angry. The team of monkeys became angry. And then they started the act of throwing  and breaking articles around. They were breaking the plants and branches of trees, those they don't eat. But when it comes to the plants of their liking, they simply eat the leaves, keep the thin branches intact, so that new leaves come again. 

Drumstick is their favorite plant. Drumstick is a medicine, monkeys normally eat it's leaves regularly. 

My wife's question is: how could the Monkeys in anger maintain their balance of mind, throwing and breaking plants and articles of no use to them and simultaneously eating leaves of a drumstick plant, without damaging it's thin branches? 

As per Darwin's theory of biological evolution, we are also one of the prides of monkeys, the homosapien !  Many do maintain their cunningness in removing people from their path of success. But do we maintain balance of mind in anger differentiating right and wrong acts?

Study of animals behaviour can be useful for the psychologist in understanding human behaviour.

22 July 2015


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