Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rejuvenate at Mangubhai Centre in Shivarimad, Dangs

Rejuvenate at Mangubhai Centre in Shivarimad, Dangs.

Sir, give "kasta" (hardship) to your body to keep yourself healthy, Yashwant started telling me while doing massage. For good health, your blood should be hot. But you all officers sit for long hours in one position every day, cool down your blood through AC and make your body stiff like your nature. "Khoon thanda, lekin Dimag garam". Dimag thanda aur khoon garam rakho sabji.

Yashawant and Tulsiram are very tough massagers, press all your pain points. As both do the massage together, your mind swings from one pain point to another, and in a way you surrender to that pain drill of 20 minutes. It followed by a steam bath of herbal medicine in a box and a good bath make you fresher, energetic and active.

It is a centre of a tribal traditional Vaidhya, Mangubhai Bhoye, of village Shivarimad, between Waghai and Saputara (25 kms from either side).

If you pass through 4 rounds of massage, the team ensure the regaining mussel flexibility of the body. If interested, they give you ayurvedic medicines.

The centre runs for 3 days in a week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I have met people with problems of nerve diseases or paralysis. The results are amazing.

Like Kerala massage centres, this pocket of Gujarat can serve the tourists to rejuvenate their youthfulness.

Rush to Shivarimad, rejuvenate and enjoy the nature with rains in Saputara, the beautiful hill station of Gujarat.

Shivarimad (Dangs)
12 July 2015

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