Sunday, July 26, 2015

Oral Infections, a reason for many health hazards.

Oral Infections, a reason for many health hazards.

We are living in cavities: cavity of universe, cavity of globe, cavity of air, cavity of body, cavity of cells and cavity of mind! We are living beings because oxygen and glucose are supplied regularly to each cell through the cavities. 

But when the cavity of arteries and veins narrow down due to plaque and infections, all our health problems start and multiply till the life stops moving in cavities. 

Mouth is the biggest opening of the cavity of human and it is always under the risk of getting infections.

Air, water and food are our life saver. Therefore, the oral cavity that passes water and food (or saliva of a lover!) is very important gate to observe carefully.

Do you know that the "Oral Infection" is one of the major reasons of all our severe health problems of heart, lungs and liver diseases. 

Mostly people try to get cure from the disease, but hardly remove the cause. As a result, most of the diseases in our body are permanent. They remain dormant with treatment and again re incurs with fall of immunity.

Are you or your dear ones are facing health hazards related to heart, lungs, liver, cholesterol, etc? Address the infection of the cavity.

Indian Culture is known for its isolated behavior to maintain personal hygiene. Till recent past, people used to drink fresh water through their hands (hollowed palm) at public places, to prevent spread of infections. Now we see plastic water bottles of stale water everywhere. 

Our mouth is a place to generate bacteria. The nature has put such a system in place that many bacterias and infections die in stomach fire. Therefore, taking few sips of water/black tea at an interval of half an hour is the best treatment to save us from infections of cavity. 

People in the Developed world is getting conscious about half an hour sip (of alcohol!). 

Can you do it (through water!)? 

"Save the cavity to save the Life."

26 July 2015

NB: Keeping safe distance while talking and Namaskar Mudra to greet are good means to save from infections.


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