Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jupiter moved to Leo

Jupiter moved to Leo

After a year stay in exalted sign Cancer, Jupiter has moved to it's friend's sign Leo for a year from 14/7/15 to 11/8/16. A semi watery planet has moved to a fiery sign Leo.

Last month the union of Jupiter with Venus and Moon gave us widespread rains. The clouds over Arabian sea have showered their cyclonic blessings on us. But the Sun-Mars hot union hasn't allowed the regular monsoon season to take a leap start, except few States. 

Now Sun has moved ahead of Mars, and the distance between two is rising to more than 11 degrees, the season may improve slowly to its positivity. Once again we shall see the positive union of Jupiter, Venus and Moon on 17-18-19 July, on Rathyatra and Ramadan days. We pray God Varundev to shower rains over us. 

Sun is presently in Punarvashu Nakshatra since 9th July and the spell is going dry. Traditionally, this fortnight has direct impact over the next fortnight when Sun moves to Pushya Nakshatra. If this spell goes dry in the area, the next fortnight may go dry in those areas. Therefore, it is very essential to see the rains showers widespread this week in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan. 

The year is going to be below average (The rainfall data may be near to total, but not getting wide spread rains at regular intervals that can help the agriculture season), as the planetary conditions are not fully favourable and the El-Nino effect is adversely working on Indian monsoon. 

Those born with Moon, Sun, and Jupiter sign Leo and Moon, Sun, and Jupiter sign Aquarius; the year is going to be very good, resolving problems and rewarding for good work. 

For Moon Sign Aries and Sagittarius people, it is a touring and enjoyment year. 

Moon sign Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius people will have power position in their place of working. Moon sign Taurus people may get change of posting and place with a trip to abroad.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

16 July 2015

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