Thursday, July 30, 2015

Life is for what?

Life is for what?

22 years old son of our IFS colleague Shri Nityanand Srivastava died of cardiac arrest yesterday. He was studying in GNLU Gandhinagar. However, it is to note that he was carrying some hormonal health problems for many years. Another young man of 38 years age died of cardiac arrest in Sector 8, day before yesterday.

Untimely, cardiac deaths of humans are increasing very fast. Survival of unfit are adding the toll.

Modern man has learnt many things, climbed Everest many times, human mission conquered Mars, and he is ruling over the planet. But the Art of living is missing.

We are careful for the servicing and purity of fuel of our cars but care free for the fuel and energy sources of our body.

Ancient kitchens of India were our home clinic taking care of our body to live long. The recipes were suitable as per seasons and day lights. But with the medical support at door steps, we go on eating unhealthy foods.

It is a competition world. Unable to judge the pumping capacity of the heart muscles, we go on adding weights of books and degrees over the shoulders of our children. The generation is missing out of the love, beauty and aroma of the life. Life acts like a machine.

And we the parents are the culprit. We want better placement of our children in this competitive world. If we have achieved something, we wish to see the similar success in our children. And grown eating chemically fertilized food, they are unable to take up the stress beyond a point. Increase in stress injures their inner walls and the plaque deposited inside the stiff veins turns into a blockage and ends the life abruptly.

Are we living a right life? When will the race stop?

We are searching happiness outside but it lives within. Life is for living in peace and happiness.

30 July 2015


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