Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mother matters in Animals

Mother matters in Animals

Not only in humans, mother is always a teacher in all creatures.

Mother is the biggest shelter, where all newborns feel safe, secure and happy. She not only takes care of their food, water and safety but also teaches the lessons of life.

All newborns: babies, chicks, cubs, are innocent at birth. But for survival in the world, they have to learn tricks of getting-hunting food and the safety mechanism against the attacks of predators.

Mother is their teacher. Mother teaches: what to eat, how to eat; what to hunt, how to hunt; how to save from the predators; if missed from the group, how to guard and return or to live an independent life. The left one always goes in shock and become prey of the predator. Till the animal become adult and learn all the tricks of living life; it stays with the mother. In fact mother is the brain of the cubs.

If a cub of wild family is left orphan, it can't gain the wildness of hunting. Unless seen the acts of others, it may forget wildness or feel shy to mate when grow young.

Therefore the orphan cubs caught by Forest people, if not released timely to its group, they are most likely to spend their life in zoo because their life is at risk in Jungle without learning the tricks of survival. Unfit they may die of starvation or become prey of others.

Not only for humans, Mother matters for animals too. She is the best teacher. A mother is equal to 100 teachers.

"Lion living in goats herd become Goat".

25 July 2015


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