Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why are male birds more beautiful than female birds?

Why are male birds more beautiful than female birds?

The world is beautiful with the colourful and many varieties of male and female species in birds and animals. Sexual selection and protection are the major reasons.

In animals kingdom, mostly the female looks more beautiful than the male. Male has to fight with other males for access to female, therefore it is better built. And the female, to keep the males fighting; remained soft, attractive and more beautiful.

In the kingdom of birds, the males are more active, brightly coloured and always find singing with their sweet voices. 

In many species, female birds are comparatively less than male birds, therefore to attract female birds for making pair for breeding, the male birds get more beautiful and colourful.

The female sits on the nest to incubate eggs. The dull feathers helps the females in hiding from the view of their enemies/predator. This helps in hiding from the view of their enemies so that she can protect the nest without being spotten. This is necessary to protect eggs and rearing the chicks. The colourful male placed away from the nest, keep the enemies away with his colours and chorus. 

In few species (phalarope, sandpiper, button quail), the females are more colourful because of reversed role; the males incubate the eggs and females defend territories and fight amongst themselves for access to the males. 

In the birds kingdom, the attractiveness is directly linked with genome structures. So to follow Darwin's evolution, better the attractiveness, better is genomic structure and better future generations.

Learning lessons from the birds that bright colour is an advantage in the competitive sex, humans also became colourful with artificial outfits of coloured cloths and ornaments. 

As the odor of the body is more important than the colours in animals, humans use varieties of perfumes to attract the opposite sex. In cold weather countries, people neither take bath daily nor put on fresh clothes everyday, therefore, perfumes is a necessity to keep them in mainstream of attraction to the opposite sex. But in hot weather country like us, the perspiration and perfumes mixed together make the odor horrible, keep them far away from the reach of the opposite sex!!! Lol.

15 July 2015

NB: Birds can see wider range of colours than human do. Birds have 4 colour cones in their eyes compared to 3 in humans, that allow them to see the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.


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