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Dense Forests in Dangs of Gujarat

Dense Forests in Dangs of Gujarat

Beautiful morning of Waghai starts with caw...caw...cah.. sound of the crows. A meeting of crows (100+) on the branches of a nilgiri tree is on. May be working out some strategy for their safety. Dangi gilol masters have left only crows and cranes (bagale) alive. One can see few sparrows, green bee eater, sun bird, wood packer, paradise fly catcher, king fisher, owl, etc. Vansanda National Park (starting point of western ghat), Purna Wild life sanctuary can pleased you with birds, animals and forests. Rest of the birds and animals (except home stay and some wilds) have been eaten away by the people. We were reading story of "wise crow" during school days, but Dangi Crow has once again proved it's wisdom, saving lives against gilol attacks. May be it's look or flesh saved.

To capture the delicacy of Squirrels, they put the costly teak trees under fire. To abstract honey from the top of the tree, they don't hesitate cutting and pulling down the tree.

Dangs forest is very rich with 60-100 million tree cover in an area of 1764 km². "Balsari Teak" and Sadad (used in making boats) are the most famous trees of Dangs. 85% of the trees are on forests lands and 15% are on private lands. FRA has tempted people to encroach more land (up to 4 hec) than their original possession. Against all odds Forest Department is trying to preserve the rich forest of Dangs. Thanks to the regulations for restrictions of cutting mature trees (10 per 5 years to private khatedar and 10 trees every year traditional Kings) at the interval of 5 years. The traditional 5 kings are enjoying some perks in lieu of their war with British at Lashkaria Amba in 1842 to protect Dangs from British rule. Not exactly 3000 silver coins, but they receive privy perks pension money annually, land ownership and advantage in cutting trees from their own lands. People spend money in liquor and satta number (gambling). Their are bhagats for medicine and bhagats for satta number and tantra. People keep panther's nails out of superstition to win Satta. People are still very poor here. Productivity of milch animals is very poor. No irrigation facilities and agriculture produces are poor in productivity. There will be shortage of water and fodder in Summer. Living poor under the rich nest of nature.

And if you are staying in the area, beware of snakes. 90% of them are non poisonous but the bite of King Cobra and Wiper can take away live. The beautiful hill station of the area Saputara (nests/burrows of snakes), has been named after the snakes.

Dangs become heavenly during monsoon. The hills with lush green cover and flowing water in streams make the land the most beautiful site of the State.

Saputara, Mahal, Gira and Girmal Falls, Don, U turn, Kilat, Devina Mal, Pandava Cave, Botanical Garden, Vansada National Park, Purna Sanctuary are the places to visit and enjoy the nature.

If not visited in Monsoon, plan a trip, as monsoon is not yet active. The natural beauty, comfortable stay and tasty food will surely make your trip memorable.

Waghai (Dangs)
11 July 2015


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