Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Saputara the paradise hill station of Gujarat changing very fast

Saputara, the paradise Hill Station of Gujarat is changing very fast.

With the efforts of tourism department, local administration and hoteliers; Saputara, the paradise of Dangs is changing very fast. Lot of tourists are coming during weekends. The lake, boating in the lake, lake view garden, step garden, table top, Sun rise point, Sun set point, udan khatola, paragliding, jeep swing, food, handicrafts, dangi dance, etc, enough items to pack the tourists with joy.

Located in South Gujarat at Gujarat Maharastra border and enroute to Nasik (Trayambkeshwar Jyotirling), Panchvati and Siradi (Sai Baba temple); Saputara is all weather hill station of Gujarat to enjoy. But it become paradise in monsoon and winter seasons.

Dangs is famous for its rich heritage and culture. The power of the people can understood by their war with British in 1842, compelling them to pay 3000 silver coins annually in lieu of cutting trees. People are active and  can walk tirelessly many kms a day. Nagali and Udad daal is the staple food of the people. Bamboo pickle is the delicacy of the meal. Nagali (Raagi) is rich in calcium and iron, can solve many problems of malnutrition, but the children of the area are looking malnourished. Whether weight and height are the key factors of nutrition or the physical strength, is a big question to be answered. Because when one see the Dangi Children running and the Adults dancing, the so called nourished people won't stand nearby to that level of their speed, strength and joy.

Watching Kahadia Dangi Dance is really a life time memorable event. The steps, the speed, the music, the joy, unforgettable. It takes 8 months to learn the dance steps in tune with the music of shahnai and shabar (drums), but when you see the group dancing in colourful golden cloths, your inner dancer start dancing. Don't you believe? Just come and see.

The word 'Dang' comes from a stick, the stick of bamboo or stick type straight teak trees in thousands. The Kotvalia community, the primitive tribe makes beautiful articles of bamboo.

One will be surprised looking at many water pipes in the lake. The hoteliers are lifting water from the lake. As a result, the lake is drying fast these days. If no rains in a fortnight, all boats will stop in want of water.

Availablity of Drinking water is the major problem of the district. It has water underground, but as people live up on the hills, the lifting of water is the problem. The SGVNL is trying to solve the problem with lift irrigation solar pumps of 3 HP. One unit cost Rs. 3 lakh, but the tribal beneficiary has to pay only Rs. 3200. Rest is the subsidy. It is working very well, solving problem of drinking water and irrigation as well.

Come and stay in Hotels or take a chance staying in Log Hut, the beautiful wooden guest house of Gujarat Forests, located at the last land border point of the State. Enjoy the dance, food, fun, rides, and nature in Saputara, the paradise hill station of Gujarat.

12 July 2015


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