Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farmers of North Gujarat experienced following 20 changes in last 20 years

Farmers of North Gujarat experienced following 20 changes in last 20 years:

1.           Very good rainy years in last decade.

2.           Water in bore well was available at 250-400 ft has gone down to 700-1200 ft. 1 biga farm used to take 1-2 hour to irrigate, now takes 4 hrs.

3.           The electric motor HP rose from 25-35 hp to 50-62 hp. Water rates have gone up from Rs.25-30/hour to Rs. 75-90/hour. Electricity Bill has gone up from Rs. 16000/annum to 60000/annum per bore.

4.           Electricity supply hours reduced from 8-12 hrs to 8 hrs. Power supply cycle was fortnightly became weekly in last two years. 

5.           The cost of seeds has gone up 4-6 times.

6.           The cost of fertilizers has gone up 3.5-5 times.

7.           Dependency of seed on GUJCOMASOL shifted to Gujarat Seeds Corporation and certified seeds of many private companies.

8.           Per acre production of crops gone up in cotton with introduction of BT cotton. Some improvement in the productivity of cumin seeds.

9.           Farmers with irrigation facilities take 2-3 crops. Pattern not changed much.

10.      Farm workers wages have gone up from Rs. 20-30/day to Rs. 80-100/day. Farmers used to get minimum task completed from the workers. But, dependency has increased on workers’ will now. 

11.      Farm activities mechanized due to shortage of farm workers. Dependency on Bullocks reduced to 15%. Ox numbers reduced.

12.      Marketing facilities improved substantially with more market yards, more traders and easy access. Market yard due to good roads and transport facilities.

13.      Crop Price went up 4-5 times. It has gone substantially up in last two years. 

14.      Income of farmers has gone up with the rise in expenditure.

15.      Farmers around Narmada Canal and sub canals and other water harvesting structures have been benefited with irrigation facilities and lift irrigation.

16.      Agriculture Land prices have gone up 10-25 times.

17.      Net income of farmers gone up with additional income from other sources due to growth of services and industries. 

18.      Day hours extended due to Jyotigram domestic electricity supply. Working hours of farmers, households, and students increased. Education amongst the girls improved. 

19.      Number of electrical appliances and other articles increased. Purchase power of the villagers gone up.

20.      Some renovated their houses with RCC roof. Some purchased house/flat in city/town. Quality of Life in NG has been improved.



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