Wednesday, August 27, 2014

plugging ruppee with other currencies

Demand supply rule governs the price of any goods and services including currencies. It seems that our country has entered into a trap of USD driven world trade. We need more and more USD to pay bills of our imports and the supply earned through exports doesn't meet the demand. Once trapped in the vicious cycle of balance of trades and payments, difficult to come out. The simple answer to reduce dependencies of foreign goods and services.

The major area took away our foreign currencies are oil and gold. The GOI has some how controlled the imports of Gold, pull it down substantially but failed in oil markets. We the citizens are also responsible. All of us including youths prefer personal vehicle driven by petrol/diesel. With increase in population, number of bicycles would have gone up but in the name of growth bikes and cars are increasing. Public transports are not meeting needs. The way country observed fast for a day for supplying ration to our soldiers during Indo-Pak war in 1965, time has come to observe Oil Fast by the population. If that is done with Nationalism spirit, the people of India can become Game Changer. But will it happen? The political parties in power hunger stage are not ready to guide people unanimously.

Many more reasons to the problems, where economist including PM are failing, we the people of India to rise and support government through a Code of Conduct of Oil Fasting immediately.



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