Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Private Hospitals

Hospitals are business units run by mostly non doctors. For doctors, patient is a customer. When one say business unit, profit/making money is a prime objective. Many are saved through hospitals but the vicious circles of tests, medicines, surgery, ventilators, etc suck money from the patients.

I had 2 bad experiences. My father died in 2001 in VS Hospital Ahmedabad due to negligancy of the doctors. He had angina pain and was kept under observation. But during night when he asked for a discharge to go home he was injected with sadistic drugs. When he wake up in the morning and asked for the discharge, the doze was repeated. My father went into coma and died same day in the afternoon at 3.15 pm. Injecting sadistic drugs to a heart patient whose pumping has gone down was a crime. If I didn't opt for hospital that day, he could have spent more years with us.

My mother following death of my father, became seriously ill. She was admitted in Shrey Hospital as ventilator facility was occupied at ICCU Civil Ahmedabad. She was conscious with ventilator support and recovering, but the doctor took it out for a while to experiment and she went into coma and couldn't return. We received her dead body and huge bill.

Private Hospitals have well planned exploitation package. Put the patient on ventilator support, conduct all types of tests every day or twice in a day, demand medicines worth Rs. 20-50000 a day, push out relatives when the nurse is injecting so that she uses mininum drugs and takes away rest in her 4 pockets shirt to deposit to the medical store within hospital for recycle, continue exploitation till emotional bonding of relatives have been exploited fully by spending all savings of life time and their capacity to borrow. Discharge the dead body with a huge bill.

Do asanas, yoga, walking, some exercises, eat suitable to body and live healthy as per the DNA model given at birth. No need to extend life beyond a point (unless genius brain like Stephen Hawking) as new body will be available once leave the old one, if desires not expired.

The lady in the story could have lived some more years till the tumour acted. All of us have tumours in our body at some locations, but one has to ignore till no life risks involved. If something has went wrong to the body by walking a wrong path, one has to just return from that life style and use the services of the doctor (auto repairing) set in the body by the God.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

20 September 2013


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