Wednesday, August 27, 2014

who gained the most

Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Patel spent approximately 7, 9 and 5 years in prison respectively, during the freedom struggle following a path of "Passive Resistance and Non Violence".

Nehru wrote, "The years I have spent in prison, sitting alone, wrapped in my thoughts, how many seasons I have seen gone by ... How many moons I have watched wax and wane ....How many yesterdays of my youth lie buried here, and sometimes I see the ghosts of these dead yesterdays rise up, bringing poignant memories, whispering to me ! Was it worthwhile?"

Jinnah spent zero days in prison followed "Constitutional Approach" to politics except direct action day (16/8/46) followed by wide spread communal riots in the country.

Who gained the most? The former got India and the latter Pakistan. Both used the popular support for achieving their goals but finally ended up in division of territories and people based on religion.

Some interpreted it as a fight between two sects of Muslims: the followers of Darashikoh (religious liberal, coexistence) and Aurangzeb (conservative, religious intolerance), the two sons of Emperor Shahjahan. The former continued in India and the latter left with Pakistan!

What is important; gain of territory or gain of peaceful coexistence? Who become the ultimate winner? Army controlled Pakistan or Democratic India?

We salute our leaders of freedom struggle for giving us "Independent India" with their wisdoms and sacrifices.

3 December 2013


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